Need a Decorating Idea? Try Theme Walls



I don’t have a knack for interior decorating. I try to pick the pictures that best fit the size of the wall in my apartment and leave it at that. But lately I have been taking a kickboxing class, and the studio had a great decorating idea, theme walls.

First, you take an image that inspires you, the center of your theme. Then you surround it by pictures with a similar background color, and the same color frame of various shapes and sizes. For the studio, Bruce Lee is the star of the show, and all around him are quotes from other famous fighters with motivational words. For your wall, you could start with a garden, and surround it with images of flowers, butterflies, and birds. The result is a collage effect that can decorate a whole wall. I plan on trying it out next time I redecorate!



Hi Friends! As you read this, I will be traversing the Northeast for a weekend at the seaside sitting on the beach, eating lobster rolls, and relaxing. I hope you’re all enjoying summer too! Here’s what I’ve been reading this week.


Just another reason to love Frozen – for the leadership lessons.

Yes, 1,000x yes. If everyone makes these 10 food choices, we’ll have our global movement.

I loved this take on how self-confident we’re allowed to be (before, you know, making everyone internally cringe when you talk).
One hilarious blogger’s take on all the small tortures she’ll encounter in hell. Spoiler alert, those terrible push-button faucets are on there.

This is by FAR my favorite coverage of the World Cup so far.
I’m not gonna lie, I kind of love this new term. Columbusing, learn it, use it.
I find I am most productive when I have on sound cancelling headphones, and some tunes that I don’t necessarily want to sing along to, but playing in the background. Here are some reasons why music makes me feel that way.
I would love to own these flats in every color.
I love going to see the Hunger Games as much as the next gal, but this article speaks the truth. Why adults should be embarrassed to read children’s books.

Tory Burch + Fitbit


I am really into the wearable tech craze. Living in NYC, I have always wondered how much I walk, since I hoof it from place to place all over the boroughs. After reading every article comparing the fitness bands out there, I settled on the fitbit, and have been so so happy with the brand. Their accuracy always matches my phone’s gps readings, and their customer service is unrivaled. I lost my band due to a faulty clasp, and they sent me a new one, with only a few questions asked. The only problem I have?

The wrist band is pretttttty ugly. It looks OK at first, in the rubberized color of your choice, and I get it. They’re not a fashion company, fitness is their game. But the black bracelet is just not cute enough to be my accessory of choice in the summer months when I am all exposed arms and wrists. I have purchased a couple bangles that nicely hide it underneath, but have been hoping someone would come up with a pretty bracelet that the fitbit can snap into, and now they have!

Tory Burch is partnering with fitbit to produce a fashion friendly bracelet, and with her classic style I am sure it will match every outfit!

How to Recover When You Put Your Foot in Your Mouth


We’ve all been there. The second that crappy statement flies out of your mouth, you realize with a cringe that you definitely should not have said what you just said. Maybe you were overtired and cranky, or feeling a bit too uncensored after a couple drinks. Either way, you’re a bit embarrassed, and would take it back if you could, but you can’t.

Sometimes the people you’re with will overlook said faux pas. Other times, someone will call you out on being a jerk. There’s a bunch of ways you could deal with that extra bit of humiliation, but there’s only really one right way to do it. And one of my favorite bloggers over at Adulting has supplied it.

Say, “Wow, you’re right. I’m really sorry, and thank you for letting me know that.” Then, don’t say that shitty thing again.

Sometimes recovering your dignity really is that simple.


In Praise of SnapChat

snap chat

I resisted joining SnapChat for a very very long time. In my mind, no matter how many friends told me differently, it was for creepers to send inappropriate pics. Then a few weeks ago, I finally just decided to try it out. My curiosity got the better of me, and I downloaded it. Now I cannot get enough. It’s so easy to send quick updates on what you’re up to, and little photos of the funny things you encounter throughout your day to friends far and wide. I’m more up to date on my friend’s lives than ever before, and have gotten hilarious videos of them doing funny things, adorable pics of their kids, and hilarious moments that we couldn’t previously share from a distance (like that person doing a really weird dance in front of me at a concert).

Now my only concern? That I wish I had joined a little bit sooner.

Another Reason Not to Slouch


Standing up straight will make you look thinner, taller, and conveys an air of confidence to everyone you meet. And, as your mom always told you, it will keep you from developing a humpback in your older age. But in case you need another, less-appearance based reason to stop slouching already, a feature in the Wall Street Journal (that I read about on New York Mag) says that it might block you from thinking clearly. When you slouch, you put your body in a defensive position, which signals to your body to ramp up cortisol production and decrease testosterone. Both of these reactions can limit your problem solving ability and stunt your creative thinking. So follow your mom’s advice already, and stop slumping over your desk.



Everyone has a least favorite chore. For me, I don’t really mind cleaning the toilet. Mopping the floor doesn’t bother me at all. Scraping the crusty stuff off the stove top is just a challenge. I semi-dislike laundry. But if there was a chore I could never have to do for the rest of my life? It definitely be cleaning the drain. Be it bathroom, shower, or the kitchen sink, they are all MEGA gross. I often dry heave while I’m doing it.

Not for much longer! Kickstarter has brought a tiny tool called the Tweak to us all that is designed specifically to keep you from touching the stuff in the drain while you clean it out. You can check it out, and get yours here.

Rompers for Tall Girls


I have wanted a romper for ages. Ever since the trend popped up a few summers ago, I have eyed people looking adorable in the little shorts onesies with envy. I have searched high and low, asked ladies where they got theirs, and tired on hundreds of them, only to find that the shorts are too short, and the waist hits my 5’6″ frame in a very awkward spot.

After a particularly disappointing run at Macy’s recently, I resigned myself to giving up rompers forever. While I think they are adorable, they are just not for me. Then I read this post on Self, and discovered that rompers for tall girls exist! So far the only brand I’ve found is Girls on Film, a London-based company that makes petites and extra long jumpsuits, but theirs are amazing enough to lure me back into the romper world for good!

Why Not Me?


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns) was one of my favorite book club reads. Several years later, I literally still joke with friends about the chapter that goes over how long men take to put on their shows. And with the debut of The Mindy Project, my love for the author/actress/writer/comedienne has only grown. Now this lovely lady is gracing us all with another book that will be called, Why Not Me?, which Mindy Kaling told the LA Times has been her personal motto throughout life. I, for one, can’t wait to read it!

Tattly + Rifle Paper Co = The Coolest Temporary Tatts


Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been drawn to the look we used to call punk when growing up in the 90’s. Piercings? Yes. Neon-colored streaks? I owned several colors of Manic Panic. Tattoos? They were pretty cool, even though I never went out of my way to get one. Now that the trends of the 90’s are cycling back around, these looks have become more mainstream, common-place even rather than counter-culture. But in client-facing jobs, the tatted up – neon hair might not go over too well. Which is exactly why I love things like hair chalk that let you sass up your highlights for the weekend, and wash it out come Monday morning. If you crave pierced ears, snag a fancy ear cuff. But if a neck tattoo is more your style, the options out there were fairly limited, and geared towards little children.

Thanks to a collaboration between Tattly (a tempoary tatts site), and Rifle Paper Co. (the most adorable stationary brand), you can add tatted up on the weekends to your outfit options. The combination of artistic flowers and swirling script gives you a truly adult temporary tattoo that is beautiful enough to be real for a few days. Try your punk on for size.