How to Recover When You Put Your Foot in Your Mouth


We’ve all been there. The second that crappy statement flies out of your mouth, you realize with a cringe that you definitely should not have said what you just said. Maybe you were overtired and cranky, or feeling a bit too uncensored after a couple drinks. Either way, you’re a bit embarrassed, and would take it back if you could, but you can’t.

Sometimes the people you’re with will overlook said faux pas. Other times, someone will call you out on being a jerk. There’s a bunch of ways you could deal with that extra bit of humiliation, but there’s only really one right way to do it. And one of my favorite bloggers over at Adulting has supplied it.

Say, “Wow, you’re right. I’m really sorry, and thank you for letting me know that.” Then, don’t say that shitty thing again.

Sometimes recovering your dignity really is that simple.


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