Tory Burch + Fitbit


I am really into the wearable tech craze. Living in NYC, I have always wondered how much I walk, since I hoof it from place to place all over the boroughs. After reading every article comparing the fitness bands out there, I settled on the fitbit, and have been so so happy with the brand. Their accuracy always matches my phone’s gps readings, and their customer service is unrivaled. I lost my band due to a faulty clasp, and they sent me a new one, with only a few questions asked. The only problem I have?

The wrist band is pretttttty ugly. It looks OK at first, in the rubberized color of your choice, and I get it. They’re not a fashion company, fitness is their game. But the black bracelet is just not cute enough to be my accessory of choice in the summer months when I am all exposed arms and wrists. I have purchased a couple bangles that nicely hide it underneath, but have been hoping someone would come up with a pretty bracelet that the fitbit can snap into, and now they have!

Tory Burch is partnering with fitbit to produce a fashion friendly bracelet, and with her classic style I am sure it will match every outfit!

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