Happy Halloween

halloweenHappy Halloween! Today I will be dressing up as Carmen Miranda, and dancing to 90’s music at a party with friends. This month I have had the dickens scared out of me at this haunted hayride, carved pumpkins, toasted the seeds, drank apple cider, and eaten a full bag of peanut butter pumpkins in celebration.  In the holiday spirit, here are some Halloween themed stories for you to read.

4 Strategies to Survive Emotional Vampires

9 Healthiest Candies to Eat (because you know you’re having some!)

7 Scary Attractions Around the World

DIY Costumes based on Historic Women PowerHouses, Not just a Sexy [Fill in the Blank]

Last Minute Costumes You Can Achieve with ONLY Your Makeup Bag

And because the funniest part of the day after Halloween is seeing all the people in costume who didn’t make it home, 12 Horrifying Walk of Shame stories to caution you. And now that you’re appalled, look at some cute pictures of animals in costumes.

Starbucks’ New Menu, Fall Cocktails, and Fidgeting

Hi friends! I have been pretty busy this past week dressing up as Carmen Miranda for Halloween, watching movies, and visiting the Storm King Art Center. Here’s what caught my eye in between.
Everyone wants a snack at Starbucks sometimes to go along with that latte while you surf the internet, or just in pure food desperation because you’re passing by. Here’s a hilarious guide on what to eat, and what to avoid on the new menu. I still miss the giant M&M sugar cookies, Starbucks.
For when you’re sick of spiked cider, mulled wine, and hot toddies, but still want a seasonal cocktail, try this Tito’s maple syrup drink.
Keep your hands off that baby bump. In PA you could be arrested.
Why are taxi cabs yellow? Find out here.
Some handy grammar reminders. 7 basics you shouldn’t ignore.
The thing about being an adult is that you start making friends because of shared interests, not because of proximity to where you grew up or the dorm you lived in  during college. While old friends can be the best friends, it makes sense to be choosy about the type of people you want in your life. This article can help you pick the right people to make you happy. And after you’ve chosen them, here’s how to convince them to like you too.
When someone cat calls you, or says something so un-PC it makes you cringe, here’s how to cope.
Turns out fidgeting may be good for you, even if it does annoy everyone sitting around you.
For all of you gym rats, here’s a brief (and amusing ) history of the sports bra.
This makes me want to stop wearing make up all together. Roaches in my products? EWWWWW.
What have you read?

Happy National Cat Day, Go Order Some Kittens!


Today is National Cat Day, and while they are not my favorite of all animals, there are some pretty cute ones on the internet (hello Maru!). The day was originally founded in 2005 to attract people to adopt the little animals frequently found in shelters. You can find one of your own on Petfinder, or the ASPCA adoption page. Or if you live in NYC, why not just order some kittens to be delivered to your door? Uber (the taxi service you can order from your phone) will send your very own black car full of little kitties. For $20 you’ll get kittens to snuggle, and cupcakes to eat. All fees will be donated to an animal shelter, and all of the kittens up for snuggling are open for adoption in case they really capture your heart. Sounds like a deal to me!

Like Kickstarter for Women Entrepreneurs

plum alley

So, you like Kickstarter, but you’re looking for a way to invest in something you believe in – like women…now you can easily find projects by female entrepreneurs all in one lovely place. It’s called Plum Alley. It launched as an e-commerce site, and you can still shop its curated list of products ranging from accessories to homewares. But now they’ve added a new component to the site, allowing for crowd-funding. It follows the business model of Kickstarter and indiegogo, but hones in on the all lady entrepreneurial projects. Research shows that only 16% of businesses looking for financial backing are backed by females, and of that 16%, only 24% received the funding they needed. Plum Alley not only provides access to these funds via crowd sourcing, but also provides experts in various industries to tap for advice to succeed. Here’s to hoping it pays off, and if you don’t want to sponsor a project, you can at least get a jump start on your Christmas shopping!

Another Reason to Clock 8 Hours Between the Sheets


While we’ve known for a while that sleep is a restorative time for our bodies, a recent study completed at the University of Rochester Medical Center found that there is a particular restorative process at work in the brain. During sleep, our brain cells shrink down to about 60% of their size when we are waking. Then the brain’s cleansing system, known to scientists as the glymphatic system, gets to work washing out the gunk from the day with all the extra space. Fluids can more more easily when the cells shrink during sleep, allowing this system to remove waste products and the proteins that cause Alzheimer’s and neurogenerative disorders. The brain uses as much energy while you are sleeping, and while you are waking. This is likely because even though you are unconscious, the brain is still active- consolidating memories from the day, recharging cells, and taking out the cellular trash. So why does this only happen when you’re sleeping? Time magazine quoted researcher Nedergaard describing the brain as a  house party, “You can either entertain the guests or clean up the house, but you can’t really do both at the same time.” And without a good mix of both, you’re not going to be able to keep doing either for very long. So there you have it, your excuse to sleep in this weekend. Happy Friday!

An Easy Way to Tell if He’s Not That Into You


In the days of smart phone technology and internet dating, sometimes it can be tough to decode if that guy you met is really that into you. What did he MEAN by that emoticon in that text? How are you supposed to interpret the italics in that online message? Even when you meet face to face, there’s the guessing game of how much he likes you, and how much you just happened to be standing next to each other at the bar. Now, thanks to a study published in PLOS ONE (that I read about in Women’s Health Mag), there is an easy tell.

When a guy likes a lady, he tends to walk more slowly. Researches clocked the gaits of male-female pairs, walking around a track. When guys walked with female friends, there was no change in their pace. When they walked with their significant other, they slowed their steps to be in time with the girl they liked. Now all you have to do is suggest a post-drinks walk, notice if he’s walking side-by-side, or leaving you in the dust. Then, mystery solved!

Apps, Measuring Happiness, and New Clothes

hump dayHi Guys!  I had a lovely week of visits to the salon, catching up with friends, dining at a Caribbean restaurant, volunteering in public schools, and preparing for Halloween. This year I am going to be Carmen Miranda. What about you? Here’s what I’ve been reading:
Feeling sketched out on your walk home, or weirded out by your date? Activate React Mobile, a follow me feature that will allow your friends/family to track you on GPS and make sure you make it home safe.
What is the best way to measure the total happiness of a country when it’s hard to even tell on an individual level from day to day? Spanish researchers say it’s how many people move away from it, or net migration.Read the story here.
If you are already fantasizing about hitting the slopes, maybe indulging in some new snow gear by Gwen Stefani and Burton will make the wait for fresh powder a little easier to bear.
Just in case you needed an excuse to browse Tiffany’s gorgeous jewelry, they have totally revamped their website, so there. You have one!
My alma mater made The Cut. Now only if it were for something other than drunk makeouts…
With it getting lighter later, it’s getting harder to drag yourself out of bed to go to the gym in the morning. Now you have a motivation other than your own gain. Use Charity Miles, an app that will donate money to your favorite charity whenever you walk, run or bike. Do it for the children!
Ever wonder why people in the midwest are so gosh darn friendly? Being from New York, I know I have. Now it’s all explained here!
Ladies, if you have ever worried about your body not being hot enough, these real men in underwear ads might make you feel a little better that the guys you’re trying to impress feel that same pressure.
If you’ve ever had a button down gap open between the buttons, here is a guide to finding the right shirt for you.
What have you read this week?

What You Could Have Been Doing While You Were on Facebook

technologyThere’s loads of literature out there urging people today to get off their computers (those handheld iPhones count), and out into the world. Your grandparents might argue that staring at a computer is rotting your brain. The first lady might say that it’s stealing time away from being active for our children. You might even recognize the brain fry in yourself – that numbed, dazed feeling you get after playing a few too many rounds of candy crush. Now a recent study completed at the Technology Policy Institute in DC has quantified exactly what people are missing out on when they spend time surfing the internet, chatting online, or using computers for non-work leisure (e.g., iPhone games). Here’s what you’re missing out on when you’re scrolling through your facebook feed for the 20th time today.

Of the five hours the average American has for any leisure time in a given day, surprisingly only an average of 13 minutes is spent online during those leisure hours. However, in each minute that people spend using a computer for leisure, they sacrifice leisure time in several specific areas. There was 16 fewer seconds worked, 7 fewer seconds spent sleeping, 6 fewer seconds experiencing travel, 4 fewer seconds completing chores, and 3 fewer seconds educating themselves. If you up the amount of time spent on the computer for leisure, the amount of time stolen from other activities increases. It also tends to cut back on the amount of leisure time you have to socialize off line (read: face to face with your friends). So next time you feel like aimlessly cruising the internet in your free time, think about that activities you’re giving up, and decide if it’s really worth the trade off.

How to Kick the Sunday Night Blues

sunday nightAfter a weekend packed with fun activities, and relaxation with friends and family, many in the Monday-Friday 9-5 set find themselves experiencing an odd feeling on Sunday night. It’s technically still the weekend, but instead of enjoying that carefree feeling, many adults feel gloomy and anticipate the stress of the week on Sunday night or evening. This phenomenon is called the Sunday Night Blues, and 78% of people surveyed said they had experienced it. It can strike even people who love their jobs, but may experience high pressure or stress from balancing work with family during the weekdays. But you don’t have to sacrifice those last precious hours to anxiety or sleepless nights. Instead, use the following strategies recommended by experts, and go enjoy that football game!

First you should try to keep busy with activities that you enjoy. This will help distract your mind from the problems of the work week, and focus you in on hobbies or friendships that fulfill you.  If feelings of dread begin to set in, try writing down how you feel, the things that are bothering you, and a potential solution. This will help you get the stress out of your system, and also to set the scope of the problem – hopefully to realize it’s not an insurmountable issue. Then, turn off your electronics. Part of the reason so many experience Sunday stress is because thanks to technology, work lives can easily creep into home lives via blackberries and constant access to email or work demands. By disconnecting on the weekends, you can recharge for the week ahead rather than prolonging stress. Make plans in the future that you’re excited about. If you have a fun Tuesday night activity to look forward to, making it through 8 hours to get there might not seem so bad. It can be as simple as meeting a friend for dinner or deciding to watch a show you love. Finally, you should get organized on Friday afternoon before you leave work so that you know that when you come in Monday things will be orderly, and easy to pick up where you left off with clear objectives for the week. Nothing is more stressful than walking in to chaos on a Monday morning.

Selfies are Not Just on Instagram Anymore


The selfie, a word that a few years back didn’t mean a whole lot, is now so embedded in our culture, and so ubiquitous that a museum exhibit is devoted to it. I remember the days of self-portraits with your friends when you still used film.  You would pick your friend with the longest arms, try to get your heads as close together as you could, and hope for the best. Now with all the improved camera technology, you can flip our iPhones to see your own face while taking the picture, and cameras with a digital display on the front let you make sure you’re in the frame before snapping the photo. The digital photo allows for unlimited iterations until you’ve captured the perfect shot. Then with all the online photo sharing on facebook, twitter, and instagram, there are loads of ways to show the world your selfies instantly. Celebs do it, you have at least one friend who is always clogging your feed with selfies, and you’ve probably done it at least once too. The selfie is officially, and unavoidably a thing. To commemorate this new custom, the National #Selfie Gallery will be on display at London’s Moving Image Contemporary Art Fair. And for all of you vine users, don’t worry, there will be short video selfies too from artists around the United States and Europe who were selected for their humor and poetry (all wrapped up in an eyebrow raise and duck face). Now there’s something to work towards the next time you post a #selfie online.