Cute Roulette

Does anyone else primarily use YouTube to watch videos of cute animals doing cute things? Cats in boxes? Dogs in cake bowls? Hands?

Well, if you’re anything at all like me, then you’ll love Cute Roulette a website that randomly selects a video of animals acting adorable for your viewing pleasure. A friend emailed me the site with one line of text, “This has Janice written all over it.” And you know what? It does. The first cute I got is the helpless little kitteh pictured above. The next? A little something they like to called puppy vs. mirror.

You can thank me later.

Window to Beyonce

Who isn’t a little bit obsessed with Beyonce and Jay-Z. They are pretty much the coolest couple ever. Before Kanye started dating Kim Kardashian, and he came up in famous bachelor lists, my girlfriends and I used to joke that we would even date HIM (the ultimate a-hole) just to get to hang out with the power duo.

And now the notoriously private star who dodges paparazzi and refused to comment on her marriage for years has opened up to the world with her own tumblr page, Beyonce I Am. It’s the place where she shares who she is, through her own eyes and is dedicated to her family, her life, and her love (or so says her information page).

It’s a side of Beyonce you’ve never seen before for sure, not Sasha Fierce, just her being silly, being with friends, and sharing it with you.

Airplane Travel Delays

I’d like to tell you a little story. Its about my sister, some plane delays, and how she made it home on schedule.

First, I’ll set the stage. My sister is returning to our hometown for a weekend with family in June from a conference on close relationships. She hasn’t seen anyone in a long time, and doesn’t have too many days, so getting there on time is something of the essence.

Along the way, something happened with the connecting flights so there were hundreds of people displaced off a missed flight, and there weren’t any flights going out to that location for the forseeable future. You can picture it. Lots of angry people swarming the customer service desk to try to bully their way into getting on the next one. As a customer service rep, this probably isn’t your best day at work.

My sister finally gets her turn with an agent. When she tries to talk options, all she can manage is bursting into tears and crying, “I just want to get home in time to spend father’s day with my dad!” She’s a 28 year old woman. Let’s be serious, a display of this sort is just rather touching.

The rep says quietly, step to the side, and we’ll get this taken care of, and then discreetly books my sister onto a flight, while turning down all of the other passengers in line. This flight she’s on? Happens to be a party plane returning from Las Vegas with a load of promotional people that was just stopping over to refuel. It’s not technically supposed to be taking on any passengers. And yet, my sister is let on. Once boarded, she’s showered with gifts, and told that it’s open bar. Have a great time! Is this likely to happen the next time your flight is delayed? Not so much.

The moral of the story? Better things happen to you when you come from a place of love than from a place of anger. No one wants to help that irate person. If this is you, take a lap around the airport, treat yourself to some ice cream, a new magazine, and settle in for what is probably going to be a long and frustrating wait. Yelling at the people who control ticketing isn’t going to get you anywhere fast.

More than Just a Wrapper

Everyone’s heard the most common prescriptions to clear up your skin. Magazines recommend products based on your skin type: oily, normal or combination. You can vary your face wash, your blemish cream, or your lotion to adjust to the season. You can avoid certain foods, and be extra vigilant at certain times of the month. I’ve read article upon article on how to achieve clear skin. New gadgets are constantly popping up from the Clarisonic cleanser to at-home light treatments. And yet, despite our careful precautions, we still break out. What gives?

Recently I read an article that revolutionized the way I thought about my skin. It’s not just something that’s there to apply makeup on, exfoliate, and lotion up every day. It’s a living, breathing organ that wraps your entire body, has miraculous healing powers when you scrape it up, and can be a reflection of your overall health.

We have all noticed the correlation between a poor diet, no sleep, and acne. Yet past overindulging in greasy food and beers on a holiday and the following break out, I never thought of my skin as a reflection of my overall health. The Chinese, however, have been in tune with the skin’s ability to relay health problems before they get serious, for years!

The first place an illness may manifest is the ever-so-sensitive skin of the face. A blemish on the face, may indicate a corresponding weakness in the matching part of the body. The Chinese facial map links each area of your face to a different area on your body. The list goes like this.

Forehead: Breakouts occur most often here when you are experiencing digestion, stomach or bladder trouble. A return to simple, natural foods like vegetables and lean protein can straighten things out.

Eyebrows: The space above the bridge of your nose and between your eyebrows is ruled by your liver. A line in between your eyebrows can signal that you’ve been over-indulging in the sauce, or eating too late at night. Food after 8pm stresses the liver.

Nose: Blemishes on the nose give away issues with the stomach, spleen and pancreas.

Cheeks and Neck: These areas are the most sensitive to stress. Spikes in stress reflect the most in these areas. Cheeks can also reflect issues in the lungs (on the right cheek), liver (on the left cheek), gums and teeth. Working out a half hour a day can cut out breakouts in these areas by minimizing the cortisol rush causing these blemishes.

Upper Lip: Breakouts in this area can reflect reproductive system malfunctions like polycystic ovaries

Chin: The sides of the chin are connected to the kidneys and ovaries. This area is most likely to breakout at a certain time each month. The center of the chin links to the small intestine, blemishes in this area may demonstrate an issue with digestion.

Roaches in Your Apartment

Ok we’ve all been there right, RIGHT? Just nod. You’re picking up your apartment, and you move a pair of sweatpants on the floor, out shoots (the HORROR) the most scary thing in the universe: the cockroach. There’s not a lot that can make this situation better. Feel free to scream, cry hysterically and call someone to talk you through chasing that sucker down and killing it.

Then its time to deal with it. Call your exterminator, and book him to come over, like YESTERDAY. Usually this can be facilitated by your landlord, who doesn’t want those vermin in his/her apartment building either. Go immediately to Bed Bath and Beyond, and purchase an eye mask. You’ll use this to help you sleep while the lights are on (the roaches mostly come out in the dark) for the next couple weeks while you recover. Then pop over to home depot, and purchase a can of roach killer and some boric acid. Make a border around your entire apartment with the boric acid, anywhere those puppies can enter (you’ll need a good vaccuum cleaner to pick this up later). Roaches (much like witches) can’t cross this sacred boundary. Be warned that roaches can fly, and this makes them 10,000 times scarier.

After this happens once or twice in your live, you’ll gradually be able to cope a little bit better each time.

The positive take away? 30 years from now, when your grandkids run off to live in NYC, you can commiserate with them about that one time you lived in a building with roaches to make them feel a little less terrified and alone (and to remind them that their grand momma is a cool lady who lived there as well). Naturally, you’ll edit out the part where you cried and didn’t sleep with the lights out for months. Naturally.


I figured I’d switch things up this week with a cute cat in place of the cute dog. Generally, I’m not a huge cat person. I’ll take the loving canine enthusiasm over standoffish feline toleration any day. But, in this case, I’ll make an exception.

Maru is a fluffy, chubby Japanese cat that has become a youtube sensation. Why? Because he is so stinking cute, and he loves to jump into tiny boxes that are much too small for his furry body.

Besides his leaping talents, Maru is not your average cat. He has his own blog. He has his own book. He has his own channel on youtube, facebook page, and has been featured in the New York Times and Entertainment Weekly. That’s more than you can say for most humans!