Hire Me


So, you’re looking for a writer and editor who has experience with a range of topics, can handle any social media or blogging platform you throw her way, and will transform your topic from blah to rah? Well, you’ve come to the right place.


Professionally, I have…

  • Built a blog read in 74 countries
  • Written press releases for Everyday with Rachael RayShape, and Men’s Fitness magazines, and pitches for Star magazine while with Coburn Communications
  • Pitched greener corporate water by describing the pollution life cycle of your office’s water cooler for Watermatic Solutions
  • Completed final quality assurance for grammar and style standards on documents before delivery to clients
  • Lived the life of luxury (vicariously) blogging about luxury watches, alongside medical and law news during my freelance work with Haute Living
  • Responded to sections of RFPs with Vitech Systems Group and Industrial Medicine Associates
  • Copy edited ESL textbooks in Madrid, and college level texts for Pearson Education
  • Wrote technical guides for using a software product and designed corresponding training courses including PowerPoint and webinars
  • Discovered the fun of making the test questions instead of taking the tests while writing test banks, chapter summaries and instructor’s manuals for Pearson Education and LearningMate
  • Learned moxie by approaching and recruiting new gym members with a branded marketing campaign, and cold calling radio stations to pitch stories

Personally, I have…

  • Earned two degrees (a BA in English and an MA in Sociology) that let me pick up typos when I read novels and analyze the crowd’s behavior on the subway platform as a social process simultaneously.
  • Travelled to 14 countries, and loved every single one of them.
  • Single handedly supported the magazine industry, subscribing to ten monthly publications.
  • Organized a monthly book club for over eight years that reads everything from Chelsea Handler’s memoirs to Salman Rushdie.

Samples and Work



Haute Time

Haute Lawyer

Haute MD

Press Releases and Pitches

And more!

If you would like to see more of my writing, I can point you in the direction of my current blog, and my previous blog where you can find commentary on living in NYC, advice on how to make crappy situations a little less crappy, and lifestyle posts. A lot of the technical/education writing I do is copyrighted material. IF you’d like to see my full resume, and more samples, drop me a line!


After reading all of that, you think a partnership between you and me might work just fine? Drop me a line!


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