Hi Friends! As you read this, I will be traversing the Northeast for a weekend at the seaside sitting on the beach, eating lobster rolls, and relaxing. I hope you’re all enjoying summer too! Here’s what I’ve been reading this week.


Just another reason to love Frozen – for the leadership lessons.

Yes, 1,000x yes. If everyone makes these 10 food choices, we’ll have our global movement.

I loved this take on how self-confident we’re allowed to be (before, you know, making everyone internally cringe when you talk).
One hilarious blogger’s take on all the small tortures she’ll encounter in hell. Spoiler alert, those terrible push-button faucets are on there.

This is by FAR my favorite coverage of the World Cup so far.
I’m not gonna lie, I kind of love this new term. Columbusing, learn it, use it.
I find I am most productive when I have on sound cancelling headphones, and some tunes that I don’t necessarily want to sing along to, but playing in the background. Here are some reasons why music makes me feel that way.
I would love to own these flats in every color.
I love going to see the Hunger Games as much as the next gal, but this article speaks the truth. Why adults should be embarrassed to read children’s books.

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