Tattly + Rifle Paper Co = The Coolest Temporary Tatts


Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been drawn to the look we used to call punk when growing up in the 90’s. Piercings? Yes. Neon-colored streaks? I owned several colors of Manic Panic. Tattoos? They were pretty cool, even though I never went out of my way to get one. Now that the trends of the 90’s are cycling back around, these looks have become more mainstream, common-place even rather than counter-culture. But in client-facing jobs, the tatted up – neon hair might not go over too well. Which is exactly why I love things like hair chalk that let you sass up your highlights for the weekend, and wash it out come Monday morning. If you crave pierced ears, snag a fancy ear cuff. But if a neck tattoo is more your style, the options out there were fairly limited, and geared towards little children.

Thanks to a collaboration between Tattly (a tempoary tatts site), and Rifle Paper Co. (the most adorable stationary brand), you can add tatted up on the weekends to your outfit options. The combination of artistic flowers and swirling script gives you a truly adult temporary tattoo that is beautiful enough to be real for a few days. Try your punk on for size.

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