Rompers for Tall Girls


I have wanted a romper for ages. Ever since the trend popped up a few summers ago, I have eyed people looking adorable in the little shorts onesies with envy. I have searched high and low, asked ladies where they got theirs, and tired on hundreds of them, only to find that the shorts are too short, and the waist hits my 5’6″ frame in a very awkward spot.

After a particularly disappointing run at Macy’s recently, I resigned myself to giving up rompers forever. While I think they are adorable, they are just not for me. Then I read this post on Self, and discovered that rompers for tall girls exist! So far the only brand I’ve found is Girls on Film, a London-based company that makes petites and extra long jumpsuits, but theirs are amazing enough to lure me back into the romper world for good!

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