In Praise of SnapChat

snap chat

I resisted joining SnapChat for a very very long time. In my mind, no matter how many friends told me differently, it was for creepers to send inappropriate pics. Then a few weeks ago, I finally just decided to try it out. My curiosity got the better of me, and I downloaded it. Now I cannot get enough. It’s so easy to send quick updates on what you’re up to, and little photos of the funny things you encounter throughout your day to friends far and wide. I’m more up to date on my friend’s lives than ever before, and have gotten hilarious videos of them doing funny things, adorable pics of their kids, and hilarious moments that we couldn’t previously share from a distance (like that person doing a really weird dance in front of me at a concert).

Now my only concern? That I wish I had joined a little bit sooner.

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