Hi Friend! I’m Janice.

If someone were to ask me my favorite color, I would say rainbow.

I enjoy puppies, sunshine, and Taylor Swift songs. I prefer smiling to frowning. I happen to have a knack for making people smile when they’re upset.

That said, I’m not some sort of happy robot: Crappy, annoying things happen to me too. Some days, I like to put on my sweatpants, get under the covers, and think WHY ME?! (possibly while watching a particularly moving episode of Grey’s Anatomy)

But most days? That is not an option and I have to lady up about it.

So, that’s what you can find here- evidence that a tiny tweak in attitude can make a whole situation a little less crappy. For your reading pleasure, I break my posts into these grin-inducing categories:

  • Filling up Your Cup: In other words, making crappy situations less crappy. Getting from half empty to half full.
  • Bitsy Blessings: Dedicated to capturing those tiny moments when you win, and the world loses. Suckers.
  • Cute Things: Just because cute stuff cheers me up. You?
  • Proverbial Pick-Me-Up’s: Because its likely that others have more wisdom than myself. Oh, and who doesn’t like pretty pictures?
  • Songs to Cheer You Up When…: Feeling blue? There’s a song for that. Go ahead, dance it out.
  • Wild Cards: Everything else I like and think you might like too.

And if you’re in the mood, hop on over to my previous internet haunt jungleejuice.blogspot.com for some vintage Janice. OR, email me at janice.rodden@gmail.com.

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