Happy Halloween

halloweenHappy Halloween! Today I will be dressing up as Carmen Miranda, and dancing to 90’s music at a party with friends. This month I have had the dickens scared out of me at this haunted hayride, carved pumpkins, toasted the seeds, drank apple cider, and eaten a full bag of peanut butter pumpkins in celebration.  In the holiday spirit, here are some Halloween themed stories for you to read.

4 Strategies to Survive Emotional Vampires

9 Healthiest Candies to Eat (because you know you’re having some!)

7 Scary Attractions Around the World

DIY Costumes based on Historic Women PowerHouses, Not just a Sexy [Fill in the Blank]

Last Minute Costumes You Can Achieve with ONLY Your Makeup Bag

And because the funniest part of the day after Halloween is seeing all the people in costume who didn’t make it home, 12 Horrifying Walk of Shame stories to caution you. And now that you’re appalled, look at some cute pictures of animals in costumes.

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