An Easy Way to Tell if He’s Not That Into You


In the days of smart phone technology and internet dating, sometimes it can be tough to decode if that guy you met is really that into you. What did he MEAN by that emoticon in that text? How are you supposed to interpret the italics in that online message? Even when you meet face to face, there’s the guessing game of how much he likes you, and how much you just happened to be standing next to each other at the bar. Now, thanks to a study published in PLOS ONE (that I read about in Women’s Health Mag), there is an easy tell.

When a guy likes a lady, he tends to walk more slowly. Researches clocked the gaits of male-female pairs, walking around a track. When guys walked with female friends, there was no change in their pace. When they walked with their significant other, they slowed their steps to be in time with the girl they liked. Now all you have to do is suggest a post-drinks walk, notice if he’s walking side-by-side, or leaving you in the dust. Then, mystery solved!

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