Selfies are Not Just on Instagram Anymore


The selfie, a word that a few years back didn’t mean a whole lot, is now so embedded in our culture, and so ubiquitous that a museum exhibit is devoted to it. I remember the days of self-portraits with your friends when you still used film.  You would pick your friend with the longest arms, try to get your heads as close together as you could, and hope for the best. Now with all the improved camera technology, you can flip our iPhones to see your own face while taking the picture, and cameras with a digital display on the front let you make sure you’re in the frame before snapping the photo. The digital photo allows for unlimited iterations until you’ve captured the perfect shot. Then with all the online photo sharing on facebook, twitter, and instagram, there are loads of ways to show the world your selfies instantly. Celebs do it, you have at least one friend who is always clogging your feed with selfies, and you’ve probably done it at least once too. The selfie is officially, and unavoidably a thing. To commemorate this new custom, the National #Selfie Gallery will be on display at London’s Moving Image Contemporary Art Fair. And for all of you vine users, don’t worry, there will be short video selfies too from artists around the United States and Europe who were selected for their humor and poetry (all wrapped up in an eyebrow raise and duck face). Now there’s something to work towards the next time you post a #selfie online.

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