Apps, Measuring Happiness, and New Clothes

hump dayHi Guys!  I had a lovely week of visits to the salon, catching up with friends, dining at a Caribbean restaurant, volunteering in public schools, and preparing for Halloween. This year I am going to be Carmen Miranda. What about you? Here’s what I’ve been reading:
Feeling sketched out on your walk home, or weirded out by your date? Activate React Mobile, a follow me feature that will allow your friends/family to track you on GPS and make sure you make it home safe.
What is the best way to measure the total happiness of a country when it’s hard to even tell on an individual level from day to day? Spanish researchers say it’s how many people move away from it, or net migration.Read the story here.
If you are already fantasizing about hitting the slopes, maybe indulging in some new snow gear by Gwen Stefani and Burton will make the wait for fresh powder a little easier to bear.
Just in case you needed an excuse to browse Tiffany’s gorgeous jewelry, they have totally revamped their website, so there. You have one!
My alma mater made The Cut. Now only if it were for something other than drunk makeouts…
With it getting lighter later, it’s getting harder to drag yourself out of bed to go to the gym in the morning. Now you have a motivation other than your own gain. Use Charity Miles, an app that will donate money to your favorite charity whenever you walk, run or bike. Do it for the children!
Ever wonder why people in the midwest are so gosh darn friendly? Being from New York, I know I have. Now it’s all explained here!
Ladies, if you have ever worried about your body not being hot enough, these real men in underwear ads might make you feel a little better that the guys you’re trying to impress feel that same pressure.
If you’ve ever had a button down gap open between the buttons, here is a guide to finding the right shirt for you.
What have you read this week?

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