Happy National Cat Day, Go Order Some Kittens!


Today is National Cat Day, and while they are not my favorite of all animals, there are some pretty cute ones on the internet (hello Maru!). The day was originally founded in 2005 to attract people to adopt the little animals frequently found in shelters. You can find one of your own on Petfinder, or the ASPCA adoption page. Or if you live in NYC, why not just order some kittens to be delivered to your door? Uber (the taxi service you can order from your phone) will send your very own black car full of little kitties. For $20 you’ll get kittens to snuggle, and cupcakes to eat. All fees will be donated to an animal shelter, and all of the kittens up for snuggling are open for adoption in case they really capture your heart. Sounds like a deal to me!

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