Starbucks’ New Menu, Fall Cocktails, and Fidgeting

Hi friends! I have been pretty busy this past week dressing up as Carmen Miranda for Halloween, watching movies, and visiting the Storm King Art Center. Here’s what caught my eye in between.
Everyone wants a snack at Starbucks sometimes to go along with that latte while you surf the internet, or just in pure food desperation because you’re passing by. Here’s a hilarious guide on what to eat, and what to avoid on the new menu. I still miss the giant M&M sugar cookies, Starbucks.
For when you’re sick of spiked cider, mulled wine, and hot toddies, but still want a seasonal cocktail, try this Tito’s maple syrup drink.
Keep your hands off that baby bump. In PA you could be arrested.
Why are taxi cabs yellow? Find out here.
Some handy grammar reminders. 7 basics you shouldn’t ignore.
The thing about being an adult is that you start making friends because of shared interests, not because of proximity to where you grew up or the dorm you lived in  during college. While old friends can be the best friends, it makes sense to be choosy about the type of people you want in your life. This article can help you pick the right people to make you happy. And after you’ve chosen them, here’s how to convince them to like you too.
When someone cat calls you, or says something so un-PC it makes you cringe, here’s how to cope.
Turns out fidgeting may be good for you, even if it does annoy everyone sitting around you.
For all of you gym rats, here’s a brief (and amusing ) history of the sports bra.
This makes me want to stop wearing make up all together. Roaches in my products? EWWWWW.
What have you read?

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