Cute Animals to Make Mornings Less Painful

cute animals

If you’re definitely not a morning person, and love cute animals, then this Mashable post is for you. It pairs adorable little dogs and cats with sarcastic quotes about dragging yourself out of bed when the alarm goes off from some of your favorite famous people including Jim Morrison and Hunter  S.Thompson. While you struggle out from under the covers, to that first cup of coffee, check out the page. The pure adorableness of it all will make the daylight slightly less painful. While you’re at it, check out the cute animals category for more adorable stories to brighten your day.

Happy National Cat Day, Go Order Some Kittens!


Today is National Cat Day, and while they are not my favorite of all animals, there are some pretty cute ones on the internet (hello Maru!). The day was originally founded in 2005 to attract people to adopt the little animals frequently found in shelters. You can find one of your own on Petfinder, or the ASPCA adoption page. Or if you live in NYC, why not just order some kittens to be delivered to your door? Uber (the taxi service you can order from your phone) will send your very own black car full of little kitties. For $20 you’ll get kittens to snuggle, and cupcakes to eat. All fees will be donated to an animal shelter, and all of the kittens up for snuggling are open for adoption in case they really capture your heart. Sounds like a deal to me!

Baby Panda Meets His Mom

If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re welcome! If you have, you know you wanted to watch it again anyhow. A little panda baby was born at the Tai Pei zoo, and needed treatment after birth. Luckily someone thought to capture all of the cuddles as the little guy meets his mom for the first time after he recovered.

Toddlers Dressed in Watermelons

watermelon kids

Anyone who knew me in elementary through high school knows that I went through a serious phase when I was slightly obsessed with Anne Geddes. In general, I’m not a huge baby person. I don’t instantly grab for the child and speak exclusively in goos and gahs when one is in the room. They’re cute, sure, but I am fairly low on the baby-crazy scale. But when you dress them up as farm animals or fruit? That’s a game changer. Now China has upped the ante on Anne Geddes, and is dressing up their toddlers not just as fruit, but in fruit.

Now watermelon suits are popping up all over the Chinese twitterverse. Click through to where Kotaku rounded up some of the cutest (and weirdest) instances of watermelon attire. While the samurai is cute, My vote goes to the watermelon overalls. Too much cuteness to handle.

Guinea-Pigs in Costumes

guinea pig


Who doesn’t love a little animal dressed up as a person? They’re adorable! Now, Japanese designer Makie Yamada is designing a whole LINE of clothes for Guinea-pigs (for realsy) that includes mini kimonos, dresses, and SANTA CLAUS suits just in case your little pet likes to celebrate Christmas. The accessories go as far as wedding dresses and faux hair extensions attached to hats. Go buy some immediately for your furry friend here (or at least check out all of the pictures of Guinea-pigs modeling the clothes)!

Food Stamps for Pets

Pet Food Stamps

This article on The Wall Street Journal will warm anyone’s heart who has seen someone busking for change with a pet, and instantly worried for that dog/cat/bunny’s health. I am one of those animal loving saps, who often finds myself concerned that when someone is having that much trouble providing for themselves, their animal friend might not get the food and veterinary care it needs. Am I concerned for the person’s health and well-being? Yes, a thousand times over. But do I still worry about their pet’s needs? What dog lover couldn’t?

Now there is a nonprofit that will ease your fears called Pet Food Stamps whose mission is to eradicate the gap for people who subsist on food stamps that prevent the purchase of pet food and supplies. The organization was founded by Marc Okon, is privately funded, and allows anyone receiving government aide to submit an application to receive free pet food. The goal is to prevent pet owners who have fallen on hard times from one of three equally difficult options: feeding a pet before themselves, not being able to feed a pet, and having to give up an animal to a shelter (where it could potentially be euthanized) because of food costs. The organization is currently swamped with applications, but is accepting donations for anyone who wants to help.




When I was on vacation in Costa Rica, we saw a sloth from a distance in the rainforest, in a tree, with binoculars. And it was one of highlights of my trip. I love how slow t hey are, how adorable, and though I wouldn’t freak out quite as much as Kristen Bell, I would be pretty excited to meet one. If you’re a sloth lover like me, check out Slothville for a solid couple hours of video watching, funny meme, and cute picture gazing. You can even buy the book if you’re really hooked.

Just Another Reason to Love Stella McCartney


You already know that she’s a champion of cruelty-free, green clothing and she makes a bomb rose perfume. She’s the daughter of your favorite Beatle. But what you didn’t know, is that she’s about to make your Friday afternoon a whole lot more fun. Now, full disclosure, I like Easter slightly more than the next person -the egg shaped candy! peeps! the pastel colors! the excuse to wear a pretty spring dress! – and I may still decorate eggs with my sister when we’re both home for the holiday. One year we found a kit that had little sticker faces you could apply to your neon dyed eggs, and you know what? Egg dying has never been more fun.

Now Stella McCartney has created a little digital egg decorating game that is sure to keep you entertained at least until your 2:30 coffee break. While it may be designed for her kids line customers, I think it’s pretty clear adults can enjoy it too. I came across it first on my daily troll of NY Mag, The Cut, and had quite a bit of fun selecting various costumes for my little gal to wear. Then, once you’ve picked all of your features, click I’m Finished to see an animated version. Have fun making yours, and congratulations on (almost) making it to the weekend!

Menswear Dog

menswear pup

There is an entire tumblr devoted to cataloging pictures of dogs dressed in Menswear. I came across the photos via Honestly, WTF of this dapper shibu inu, but if you check out the site, there is much much more where that came from. Hours of fun enjoying animals dressed as people! Adorable dogs of all breeds looking more stylish than most of the guys you meet in bars!