Toddlers Dressed in Watermelons

watermelon kids

Anyone who knew me in elementary through high school knows that I went through a serious phase when I was slightly obsessed with Anne Geddes. In general, I’m not a huge baby person. I don’t instantly grab for the child and speak exclusively in goos and gahs when one is in the room. They’re cute, sure, but I am fairly low on the baby-crazy scale. But when you dress them up as farm animals or fruit? That’s a game changer. Now China has upped the ante on Anne Geddes, and is dressing up their toddlers not just as fruit, but in fruit.

Now watermelon suits are popping up all over the Chinese twitterverse. Click through to where Kotaku rounded up some of the cutest (and weirdest) instances of watermelon attire. While the samurai is cute, My vote goes to the watermelon overalls. Too much cuteness to handle.

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