Food Stamps for Pets

Pet Food Stamps

This article on The Wall Street Journal will warm anyone’s heart who has seen someone busking for change with a pet, and instantly worried for that dog/cat/bunny’s health. I am one of those animal loving saps, who often finds myself concerned that when someone is having that much trouble providing for themselves, their animal friend might not get the food and veterinary care it needs. Am I concerned for the person’s health and well-being? Yes, a thousand times over. But do I still worry about their pet’s needs? What dog lover couldn’t?

Now there is a nonprofit that will ease your fears called Pet Food Stamps whose mission is to eradicate the gap for people who subsist on food stamps that prevent the purchase of pet food and supplies. The organization was founded by Marc Okon, is privately funded, and allows anyone receiving government aide to submit an application to receive free pet food. The goal is to prevent pet owners who have fallen on hard times from one of three equally difficult options: feeding a pet before themselves, not being able to feed a pet, and having to give up an animal to a shelter (where it could potentially be euthanized) because of food costs. The organization is currently swamped with applications, but is accepting donations for anyone who wants to help.

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