Janice’s 2015 Guide to Summer Fun


Way back in 2010, I started a tradition of creating a summer checklist of fun things for me and my friends to do. It all began as me trying to make being stuck in NYC for the long hot months of June through August with no pool in my backyard, or lake a short drive away a little more bearable. I was missing my summer breaks from college when I could retreat upstate or to Long Island. I was also pretty broke, and wanted to take advantage of all of the free things NYC has to offer.

I came across Vanity Fair’s Summer Guide, and pulled out all the things I wanted to do. The next year the summer list started with Book Report. By then I knew where to look, and what I wanted to do. So I started making my own (2012, 2013).

It’s become a highly anticipate email between my friends. At the beginning of May, they start asking when it will come out. When they tell me what they want to do, I put it on my google calendar and remind them when it gets closer, and show up (usually with a Nalgene full of wine in my purse). And by now, I’ve already knocked four items off my list. Enjoy! Summer is a lot more fun, when you pack it full of awesome plans.

 Festivals and Foods
Outdoor Movies 
Concerts and Dancing
Random Activies
Places to Eat/Drink (A lot of them are outdoors, guys)
Places from Last Year that I didn’t Make it to. Let’s FIX THAT ASAP

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