2014 Was a Busy Year


Welp, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted, and all of my time hops lately have reminded me of how much I miss it. It has been fun trip down old post memory lane. And after a long hiatus, it’s time to get back with it. Just to catch us up, here’s what I’ve been doing since we last talked.

  • I conquered my fears (with the help of a couple tequila shots) and sang live band karaoke
  • I started a new job that I totally love
  • I had more freelance work than ever before
  • My two of my best friends got married, and I was a maid of honor and a bridesmaid
  • My cousin tied the knot
  • I hosted a HUGE Halloween party
  • I made the most of the East Coast snow with my season pass to Stratton
  • I filled a life-long dream of attending the New Year’s Rose Parade in Pasadena
  • I planned a weekend long party for one of the brides in San Juan
  • I rang in 30 at Coachella

Phew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it all! But I am getting back into my normal rhythm again, and the posts here should too. I’ll be scaling back to three posts a week. Thanks for coming back and reading again!

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