Hi Friends, I hope you’re out enjoying a lovely 3-day weekend. If you’ve got time to kill before brunch, check out these links!

I want to decorate my whole apartment with this beautiful watercolor furniture.

These magical shoes can change color with the touch of an app. Take that outfit dilemma.

A fascinating podcast on how the government created residential segregation.

It’s so messed up that Tom Brady is being punished more harshly than all the murderers and domestic abusers in the NFL.

A cancer survivor designs the empathy cards she wish she had received.

Nonsense karaoke will never stop making me laugh.

A good reminder when you’re not quite where you want to be in life.

I’ve been trying to convince my friends into doing this for years. I would name our community Janny Panny Lane.

Some disturbing wildlife stats.

Yum, this recipe looks delish.

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