This and this are some pretty interesting articles about how we treat the ladies and people of the red carpet.

Phew! Glad I’m in the majority on this one.

Now these are the kinds of toys we need little girls playing with!

The secret gender messages in crossword puzzles.

One of mine is, “That’s handy!” You’ll enjoy this piece on fingerprint words.

Yoga class just got more interesting.

They’re really letting just any old word into the dictionary these days, huh?

I already knew it was a great natural neosporin, and cough suppressant, but now it cures canker sores?

Gosh, I hate the term butthurt so much. It makes me physically cringe whenever I hear anyone say it. I thought people were over it, but then I heard on on the street today. Is this really the message you’re comfortable sending?

There is, however, a pretty obvious cause of butthurt that everyone envisions when they try to think of its point of origin. It’s called getting f****d in the ass.”

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