Not Everyone’s Nude

DSC_1305-copy4The other day I was walking down the street behind a beautifully brown skinned woman wearing gorgeous cream-colored pants, looking wonderful in them even after Labor Day, and as I often wonder when I see people in white – my next thought jumped to, “What underwear does she wear with that?”

For me, a (very) ivory-skinned lady of Polish descent, the question would be pretty straight forward. I could choose white, or a range of pinky-yellow skin tones in the shade so frequently called “nude.” But that nude, while perfectly suited for my naked skin simply does not match or even start to come close to reflecting the rainbow of skin tones I see even on my subway ride to work in the morning. While there’s been some progress in creating a rainbow of foundation colors, and broadening our bandaid tones, doesn’t everyone deserve to have underthings that match their complexion sans clothes? The same right to bra straps and thongs that seamlessly disappear?

Now ladies of color won’t have as big of a struggle with not-so-nude tones, thanks to Nubian Skin. While finding the right panties to go with your white pants might seem like a small-time problem, it’s actually a big step towards saying our flesh tone represents everyone. Pinky-yellow isn’t everyone’s ideal. There’s a broader spectrum of items for people to choose from, and I’m happy to see another sector of the fashion industry taking notice and making an effort to fix it.

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