Snowy Monday Links


It looks like today’s weather is proving the groundhog right that there will be 6more weeks of winter. While you’re hiding inside, and grumbling about how lovely the weather was yesterday, here are  some links for you to read.
Remember how annoying making your bibliography was in college? It may become a thing of the past with hyperlinks instead of citations in college papers. Those lucky kids!
The evolution of bitchiness (measured on a scale of 1-10).
Ok you know you were gawking at Joe Namath’s fur last night. Here’s the story.
If you’re feeling bummed, which-let’s be real, it’s snowing and the morning after Superbowl, you probably are —here are 10 reasons to smile.
You know you’ve been wondering what happens to all those clothes left behind at the dry cleaners since you saw American Hustle. The Cut reports.
While you’re saying goodbye to bibliographies, why not say sayonara to commas too?
I plan on checking out all of these NYC bars with fireplaces now that it’s cold and snowy again.
Super Bowl rivals Thanksgiving for the most calories consumed in one day. Here’s how to get back on track.

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