JOMO is the new FOMO



By now, almost everyone has heard of FOMO (or the fear of missing out) that is known for creeping up on you when you’re relaxing plan-free on the couch and a friend posts a picture having the time of her life at a party. It’s a nasty little syndrome that can ruin the most relaxing idea of a night spent by yourself. Well, for everyone who likes to become a bit of a hermit in the cold weather, or take some time alone to recuperate after the  busy holiday season, there is a new syndrome taking hold across the social media universe. It’s called JOMO, and it stands for the joy in missing out, when you take time for yourself, and enjoy it – guilt free. And it’s a great way to unplug and avoid burning out. So if your plans for the weekend involve staying home and cleaning out your closet, don’t fear missing something, relish it.

One thought on “JOMO is the new FOMO

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