Science Says Smile and Others Will Smile Back

smile frownYou’re probably heard one of an assortment of quotes about how smiling at others will encourage them to smile at you. “Smile and the world smiles back.” “Smile and others will smile back.” Well, as it turns out, there is some scientific basis to the statement. A study found that when people were encouraged to see others as happy, they were less angry and aggressive. Participants looked at the photos of people’s faces. Then researchers encouraged certain people to interpret their facial expressions as happy rather than ambiguous or angry. They found that when people interpreted more facial expressions as expressing happiness, they not only began to see more happiness around them, but began to feel less annoyance and hostility towards others. Basically the act of perceiving and receiving smiles from others can make you feel happier yourself. So go ahead and listen to that guy on the street telling you to, “Smile beautiful.” Though he might be creepy and annoying, it just might make you and some other people a little more joyful.

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