How Your Horoscope Can Impact Your Diet

astrologyI like to read my horoscope in the morning. It’s fun to see when it’s totally spot on, and when it’s way way off. You may have looked at your horoscope as a fun way to have a barometer of your day, and taken it with a grain of salt. You’d be in good company with nearly a third of all Americans who place serious weight in what the stars tell them. But now a new study indicates that people who are trying to lose weight may want to stay away from the astrology section of the newspaper (or astrology app as the case may be).

One study presented 180 people with a bad horoscope predicting a sub-par day, and then gave them the option to go to a party, or stay home and clean the house. The people who believed they could change the horoscope’s predictions were more likely to go to the party. Another study used the same scenario, but gave participants the option between a healthy snack and a chocolate granola bar. The people who thought they could change the stars went for the chocolate option. Reserachers believe the people chose to indulge after receiving new of a bad day to come to either pre-compensate for future negatives (as a coping mechanism). Or because by simply imagining that negative things were headed their way people depleted their willpower stocks trying to imagine how to turn things around, which made them more likely to choose the unhealthy option. Either way, if you’re watching what you eat this season, be extra vigilant if your horoscope predicts bad news that day.

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