If Disney Princesses Instagrammed

b for bel

There is something hilarious about taking fairy tale characters and bringing them into the modern world. You already know that I loved the Hipster Disney Princesses, and Fairy Tales for 20 Somethings. The characters we all grew up hearing as bedtime stories, and watching in Disney movies are having an on trend moment. Fantasy television shows are popping up all over the place (Hello Once Upon a Time), and every where you turn there seems to be a new riff on the old classics. Maybe it’s because the millenials who grew up on this stuff are coming of age, or maybe it is because it is just so entertaining.

Now B for Bel has brought the fables into the iPhone age, creating hilarious graphics of what the Disney princesses would post on instagram if they lived in the present day, complete with snarky comments from the other princesses and characters in their lives. Snow white posts #nomakeup selfies, while Grumpy grumbles about whose bed she is sleeping in. Belle brags about the library Beast got her. Mulan posts wedding photos. The results are hilarious. I hope she keeps it up!

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