Go Ahead, Accept that Drink from the Sketchy Guy at the End of the Bar: Part 2


I am all for easy ways to prevent physical attack and sexual assault against women. Waaaay back in 2010, I wrote about a lip plumping gloss (when those were all the rage) that came with testing strips to identify if date rape drugs were slipped into your cocktail. While this was a great innovation, it still involved coming off as a little suspicious of your potential suitor when you whipped out a “spike detector kit” after accepting the free cocktail. But now there is a new innovation that will let you tell if there is GHB, ketamine, or rohypnol floating in your beverage with a glance.

The company DrinkSavvy is rolling out plastic cups and straws that change colors if any of those three substances are present. They will go from clear to displaying vertical orange and yellow stripes when contaminated. Now all you have to do it make sure your favorite watering hole stocks them.

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