Fairy Tales for 20 Somethings

If you’ve ever taken a class on feminism, you’ve probably encountered at least one person in life who has told you that ladies perceptions are screwed up by all the fairy tales they hear as children telling them Prince Charming will swoop in to save the day. Or you’ve been frustrated yourself by popular fiction and tv where the characters have problems that don’t EVER exist in real life. Being pursued by two men at the same time, and one happens to be a millionaire? Living in a spacious West Village apartment on a freelance writer’s budget, and still having money to go out to all the trendy clubs? While fiction is, by design, a way to escape real life, sometimes it’s just annoying to see characters living out scenarios that would never (ever in a million years) come true.

Enter Fairy Tales for 20 Somethings. If Ariel lived in your shoes for a day, she might have an awkward conversation at a bar when someone cracked a joke about Merpeople (does she defend them now that she’s a human?). If Chicken Little ran around NYC freaking out, well, her therapist might send her over aprescription for Xanax.

It’s refreshing, and pretty hilarious, in the pile and piles of vampire and fairy tale sitcoms and novels popping up to see these characters we’ve grown to know and love taken out of their castle in the sky and put into reality. It just might make you feel a little better about not knowing what you want to do with your life, when you realize Cinderella hated her first job too.

One thought on “Fairy Tales for 20 Somethings

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