Watermelon Juice to Fight Soreness

watermelonRecently, I was suckered into purchasing an 18 pound watermelon by the drastically low,   in  season prices for what is arguably one of the most refreshing and in my opinion delicious summer fruits. While I began to regret my decision halfway through my walk home from the market hauling the giant thing along with my other purchases, it wasn’t until I sliced it up that I began to realize just how much melon I had on my hands. And there was no barbecue or summer party in sight to unload some of the stuff. Imagine my relief when I read on The Scoop that watermelon juice can reduce muscle soreness (an added boon after how I typically feel after butt and gut class at the gym).

I had heard previously that tart cherry juice can treat muscle aches from working out almost as well as NSAID pain relievers. Now the liquid you get from blending the pink fruit can have the same result. A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that participants who consumed watermelon juice an hour before working out were less sore. They say it is because its high L-citruline content, an amino acid that may boost blood flow and, in turn oxygen levels ferried to your muscles so they can repair the little tears caused by exercise more quickly. All I know is that I will be tossing some of this melon in my blender before my next morning run, and hopefully cutting down on my major melon stockpile fast.

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