Interesting New Use for Used Coffee Grounds

coffeeMost of us (or at least those of us with parents into organic gardening) already  know that used coffee grounds are great fertilizer for plants, especially roses. Now scientists have found an admittedly less wholesome way to recycle the by product of one of the world’s favorite beverages. What’s that you ask? They are turning it into alcohol. Coffee grounds, when left to dry and then treated with a process similar to that used for distilling whiskey from wheat create an alcoholic beverage that has a 40% ethanol content. That’s a level on par with other hard liquor, and tasters, while rating it bitter and noticing a coffee aroma said that it was fit to drink. But if you’re feeling tired, the researchers warn that you should still rely on your morning joe. The caffeine side effect of the coffee alcohol is burned off during processing.

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