Having Trouble Sleeping? Go Camping

campingIf you are trying to figure out your plans for Labor Day weekend, now here’s another reason to book that camping getaway. 22% of people in the United States have trouble sleeping every night. While this may be attributed to stress, noise, and a host of other factors, some research suggests that exposure to a huge amount of artificial light throughout the day is confusing our bodies. All of the electricity in our modern worlds is messing with the hormones and melatonin levels that help sleep come easily. But don’t worry, there is a simple fix. A study has found that sleeping under the stars can help to reset your circadian rhythm, and get your biological clock back in sync with your sleep schedule. Falling asleep with dark after basking in the light of only a campfire (no phones or flashlights allowed), then rising when the sun starts to come through the walls of your tent can help your body synchronize with the time you need to rise for work.

If you can’t run away to the countryside, or if you just hate being in the woods? You can try to maximize your time in the sunshine by going for a walk in the morning and on your lunch our. Then when it gets closer to time to sleep, avoid using electronics and light exposure for a few hours before you’re ready to turn in.

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