If you can’t Take a Summer Friday, Read These!

summer fridayHi There! I have been busy making the most of my summer, spending the weekends at various beaches, drinking cocktails on fancy rooftops and taking in outdoor movies and music whenever I can. Here’s what I’ve been reading in between.
If buzzfeed texted you, you’d probably be sick of them already.
Ok, so anyone who has been a bridesmaid knows that you’re not really going to shorten it and wear it again. Here are 8 fresh ways to re-purpose that bridesmaid gown!
Finally, the best way to beach hair when you don’t have time for the beach.
So I am not just slowly going deaf, restaurants ARE getting louder.
This is actually making me want to stand in a really long line at 5am for a fancy donut croissant.
If you’re on the fence about volunteering this weekend, or drinking on the beach, here’s why volunteering might be better for your genes.
What have you read lately?

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