Jon Stewart Can’t Even, and Neither Can I

A lot of people have asked me my opinion on the tragedy in Ferguson, MO. I studied Sociology. I live in a major city. They’re curious. Sometimes I try to avoid having political discussions in public, or at parties to keep the peace, but on this topic, I just had too much to explain.

I bored my relatives with talks of how racial colorblindness doesn’t work, even though many see it as politically correct. I calmly explained that no, I can’t know how a built up lifetime of frustration that could make someone riot because I have carried around my white privilege with me my entire life, but can I try to image how that might feel? Definitely.

Then yesterday I saw the post on Gothamist highlighting The Daily Show clip, and Jon Stewart’s reaction to the conservative coverage. It is so hilarious, and so on the mark. I am happy that someone has put it out there better than I ever could.

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