Sunglasses That Will Tell You If You Lose Them


Generally, I am pretty responsible with my belongings. I’m not the girl who is always losing or breaking her phone, but if there is one item in life that I am always losing (or breaking) it’s my sunglasses. Those babies just have a way of going missing. They fall off my head when I get carried away in a big hug. I I have tossed them in my purse, but I missed and threw them on the floor. They are sucked into the magical recesses of deep couches, and crevasses next to car seats that claim so many other mysteriously lost items. Or, at least this is what I imagine happened to them, because in reality, most of the sunglasses I have lost have never been found again.

This nasty little habit has led me to buy lots of cheap sunglasses, never wanting to spend too much, since I will inevitably misplace them. Even though I want nice sunglasses, I just can’t be trusted.

However, technology has come to my rescue again, in the form of a technologically savvy shade that will text you when you get too far away from your sunglasses. If you’re one of those people who often loses their phone in the same place, this might not be your solution, but for the rest of us it’s pretty handy. The Tzukuri sunglasses are Bluetooth-enabled, and come paired with an app that will give you notifications on your phone when you are 16 feet, 32 feet, and 50 feet away. If you manage to get farther than that from them without noticing all of these alerts, you can look at the app’s map to find them geographically.

The only catch? They’re a bit pricier than your average pair at $350, but if you pre-order now, you can get $100 off the regular price. And they have 100% UV protection, and are handmade with 8 quality control checks – more than you can say for your $5 sidewalk sunglasses. The Japanese brand also practically guarantees they will flatter your face by analyzing thousands of faces to create six designs in three sizes that will “fit harmoniously with a broader range of face structures.” You’ll not only feel good for never losing your sunglasses again, but you’ll look good too.


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