Take Time Off to Be More Successfull


Recent research I read about in t the April issue of Self magazine shows that the most successful people prioritize leisure time. This news comes as no surprise to me. I have always needed fun breaks since studying in college. If I didn’t go to that party Tuesday night, I was only distracted and annoyed when I tried to do work. It was much more productive to set aside a couple hours to finish the paper, then go to the party. It was a motivation to get it done with a reward in the not too distant future. This study, conducted by the University of Wester Sydney found that when people made time for fun activities, they were more productive at work, which helped them to earn more in the long run. So, next time you’re chaining yourself to your desk, think about it. Will you work as devotedly and efficiently when you’re missing book club with your friends, or will you procrastinate out of annoyance? It might make more sense to cut out for some quality time, and then use your renewed energy to tackle that project tomorrow when you’ve had your fun, and a ready to get down to business again.

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