I would love to own this beautiful Ted Baker rain coat for all of these April showers.
If you ever noticed those men who seemed, well, slightly older than college age lurking along the edges of the club in Acapulco – now you know who those adults crashing your spring break were.
As I enter my last year of my 20’s, I will spend my time half-seriously considering those living social botox deals, and then remembering that 30 is the new 20 for all of these fun reasons.
I have a pretty sensitive sense of smell, and I tend to associate certain smells with certain people or times in my life. I love the idea of these scents that represent the states in America.
One pretty funny blogger’s take on liking (and often not liking) your job.
Naturally Whitney Houston should be paired with a rose wine. Find out how music and drinks go together.
If you love music festivals, you’ll want to check out this list of which ones are going on, and when they’re happening.
Just when you thought you had enough to deal with, science has discovered 15 new emotions.

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