In the Next Year


Today is my birthday. I have spent the day receiving cards and well wishes from friends and family who have taken me on a trip down memory lane, remembering all of the fun things we have done together through the years, and the past awesome ways we have celebrated together.

Last year I rang in another year of life by learning the flying trapeze, eating French vegetarian cuisine, and having the most wonderful happy hour at my favorite neighborhood bar complete with birthday hats, homemade doughnut holes, and the company of the best friends I could imagine. It was the perfect combination of learning new things, and enjoying my favorite everyday people and places. Gosh, it seems like so much longer than a year ago- a sure sign that I have done and accomplished a lot in the past 12 months!

This year, in the same spirit, I have a lot on my agenda. I have always enjoyed reading the lists of some of my favorite bloggers and how they spend their time in between the yearly milestones, so here are a few of the new/exciting/ordinary/bold things I have planned  before my next birthday rolls around.

  1. See the newest Cirque du Solei: Amaluna
  2. Eat Taco Bell Breakfast
  3. March in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade
  4. Attend a Huge Family Reunion
  5. Learn to fire a few different kinds of guns
  6. Find a flattering crop top and wear it in public
  7. Read/Watch Game of Thrones
  8. Go to Medieval Times
  9. Visit Chicago
  10. Camp on the beach
  11. Run a 10K
  12. Celebrate the marriages of two of my dearest friends
  13. Watch all the Die Hards
  14. Skydive
  15. Make homemade pickles
  16. Ring in the New Year at the Rose Parade
  17. Go to Coachella

Any suggestions of what else I should try this year?

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