An App to Fight Jet Lag


I never get tired of thinking, “There’s an app for that!” when I learn of a cool new feature I can download to my smartphone. The stuff we can do with just our cell phones these days, well, let’s just say it really beats walkmans, amirite?

There is nothing worse that going on vacation to a far away locale, and then becoming narcoleptic at all of the wrong times. I have experienced it first hand, falling asleep in the middle of evening barbecues in Hawaii, and being wide awake long into the night in Spain. Jet lag is such an annoying consequence of finally getting to visit that far flung country, especially when you only have a few days to enjoy it before you have to go home and go through the brutal time adjustment process all over again.

Well, friends,now  there’s an app for that! It’s called Entrain, and the friendly folks who created it used data from a University of Michigan study that sussed out how to beat jet lag by using timed sleep and light exposure to reset your body’s clock. All you have to do is input your home time zone, and the hours you are exposed to light and darkenss. Then you tell the app where you’re going, and if you’re travelling for business (read: will be stuck inside all day) or pleasure (and may be lounging on a beach). Then using the statistics from the study, it will give you an ideal schedule for what to wake up, go outside, and go to sleep along with an estimate of when you can expect to feel back to normal so you don’t have to be subjected to the WHEN WILL THIS FEELING ENDDDDDD stress of feeling all out of sorts. I will definitely be downloading it before my next international trip.

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