I was literally worrying about 5 or so of these things, until I read this article. So spot on Marie Claire!
Usually when I meet new people that I really like, I just announce that we will hug when we see each other from now on (creepy? I like to think not), but this guide is handy for when you’re not sure whether to go for the high five or the handshake.
FINALLY experts have proven that the 5 Second Rule is a real thing that you should obey.
If you like saying, “I could care less,” you’ll want to read this.
Well, this article about the toxins in our environment is pretty disturbing.
It is very upsetting to me that such a multi-faceted woman is reduced to just a girlfriend after her tragic death. How the media fails women after death.
My first fragrance was Victoria’s Secret Love Spell, and it still brings me back to driving my first car in high school. Here are some of the Lucky editor’s stories about their first signature scents.
Random sexualization in commercials certainly takes a different twist when you sub-out the pretty women and sub-in men. What what happens here.
This Oatmeal Comic about murderous cats never stops making me laugh.
In case you haven’t seen In Between Two Ferns, here’s what it’s all about.

Visit Cuba, Learn to Dance

havanaI don’t know about you, but I have always been curious about Cuba. It seems like a beautiful place, with the added mystery that Americans can’t legally travel there. Unless, that is, you are taking a salsa retreat. If you’re taking part in a licensed cultural exchange program, it’s totally ok! I read about The Salsa Retreat in the March issue of Marie Claire, and it sounds like a pretty awesome vacation. The next trip is 8 days in Havana in May. It includes group dance classes, meals with host families, and lots of local live music. With a price tag of $2,900, not including airfare, it’s a little on the pricey side, but the teachers and accommodations are paid directly by the trip, bolstering the local economy while you experience the culture, and learn a new dance.

Pop Rocks for Fresh Breath


I don’t know about you, but I loved pop rocks (despite all of the urban legends). I forgot quite how much until I was at a party where the hostess dipped pretzel rods in chocolate, then the candies for a snack. After eating 5 in a row, I couldn’t get enough of the childhood treat – the fun little sizzle and crackle while you chewed. And now I just read that 32 Oral Care is using a similar crystal candy to freshen breath. That’s a whole lot more fun that chomping on another piece of gum, amirite?

Basically how they work is you tear open a pack, and pour them into your mouth (much as you would with pop rocks), then move them around with your tongue while they pop open zinc and IsoVoxy to kill bad-breath bacteria and clean your teeth. They come in cinnamon for all you Big Red fans, spearmint, peppermint, honey mint, and lemon mint. While they’re a bit pricier than my Orbitz multipack habit, I can’t wait to try them out!


Well hello friends! I have had a fun week of dining with friends, enjoying some of the best skiing of the season at Stratton, watching old movies from Netflix, and getting to see my honorary niece toddle all around. Here’s what I’ve been reading in the meantime!
Spring break, oh how I wish you existed for adults. This history of spring break will have you missing unfortunate piercings and poolside drinks before you finish reading.
We all love Matthew McConaughey’s signature line from Dazed and Confused. But did you know where he came up with alright, alright, alright?
Some people like podcasts for their commute, I prefer listening to TED talks. Here are 10 that every woman should hear.
I love reading magazines, so this article about headlines that are true to women’s lives is pretty eye opening.
Beyonce and Sheryl Sandberg want to ban the word bossy with this video, and I am totally with them.
You can eat raw cookie dough and NOT get salmonella????
If you haven’t seen the deaf pug yet, you probably should watch this.
You know that pollution IS bad for your health, but here’s HOW it’s bad for your heart.
I have been reading her blog for so long, I feel like I know her. So excited for Jessica Quirk’s news.
What a festive idea for a St. Patty’s day brunch (to go with your green mimosa of course).
What have you read?

When You’re Tired, Take a Break

puppyI am a planner, a doer, a socializer, and I live in NYC –a city where you can arguably never run out of things to do, people to see, or new stuff to try. That combination, while pretty wonderful most of the time, can get pretty darn exhausting at others. Sometimes, after months of feeling like a weekend without days and nights full of activities is a failure, I am run  down, tired out, and weary of everything I typically enjoy. In moments like these, I wonder. Should I really live here? Is this really what I want?

The answer is always yes.

But at times, doing the things I like can weigh me down. They stop being fun. And after being here for just over ten years, I’ve learned – when you’re tired, take a break. If it’s going out, hitting the gym, working long hours that’s sapping your stamina just stop. Stop it right away. Even cancel something this instant if you have to- not permanently, but just long enough to rejuventate. If it’s the city’s pace that’s wearing you thin, head to the country. If it’s too many girls nights, try staying in and painting your nails. If it’s work, get your assistant to pick up the slack. When you start to miss it (and you know you will), that’s a pretty good sign you’re ready to pick things back up where you left off. Usually being tired and frustrated is not a sign that your tastes have changed, just an indicator that you might be indulging in too much of a good thing, and you’re plum tuckered out.