Michelle Chang Jewelry

Michelle Chang elephant ring.

I came across her jewelry on a blog I love, and have been wanting some of her adorable animal rings, and necklaces ever since. Michelle Chang makes tiny elephants, the most adorable little ram earrings (perfect for a Fordham alum), and an octopus necklace that I would wear all the time. I’m a sucker for cute animals, and in jewelry? Well, that’s no exception.

Chanel Camellia Watch

chanelIt’s not often that a watch really wows me, and I haven’t seen one that I dreamed of having on my wrist since the floating diamond splendor of Wintour Watches. Now Chanel has gone and created a timepiece that I am seriously coveting again. The face is black silk embroidered with a camellia’s pale inks and whites, all surrounded by tons of tiny diamonds. Want.