Well hello friends! I have had a fun week of dining with friends, enjoying some of the best skiing of the season at Stratton, watching old movies from Netflix, and getting to see my honorary niece toddle all around. Here’s what I’ve been reading in the meantime!
Spring break, oh how I wish you existed for adults. This history of spring break will have you missing unfortunate piercings and poolside drinks before you finish reading.
We all love Matthew McConaughey’s signature line from Dazed and Confused. But did you know where he came up with alright, alright, alright?
Some people like podcasts for their commute, I prefer listening to TED talks. Here are 10 that every woman should hear.
I love reading magazines, so this article about headlines that are true to women’s lives is pretty eye opening.
Beyonce and Sheryl Sandberg want to ban the word bossy with this video, and I am totally with them.
You can eat raw cookie dough and NOT get salmonella????
If you haven’t seen the deaf pug yet, you probably should watch this.
You know that pollution IS bad for your health, but here’s HOW it’s bad for your heart.
I have been reading her blog for so long, I feel like I know her. So excited for Jessica Quirk’s news.
What a festive idea for a St. Patty’s day brunch (to go with your green mimosa of course).
What have you read?

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