If Only You Could Find the Perfect Gift

if only

Everyone has at least one person in their lives who has absolutely everything. At Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries, they become your nemesis as you search in vain for some novelty item that says you care, and won’t just be one of a thousand they already have. Until now, that is. If Only has emerged as a site that connects people with extraordinary experiences, and makes you feel good about their expensive price tag at the same time. Their concept is about gifting experiences rather than baubles (but you can only go to see so many broadways shows, right?), and in this case the experiences are with someone pretty famous or special in their field. The bonus is that each time that experience is booked, part of the proceeds go to that special person’s charity of choice. There are gifts with extravagant price tags, like a $25,000 trip for 2 two Coachella that includes a hang with Big Boi himself. This particular gift benefits the BigKidz foundation. For more reasonable (under $500) sticker prices you can have personalized and hand signed items from your favorite chefs or sports players. And that special person now has an unforgettable experience, and you have contributed to a good cause – not just something that will accumulate dust in the back of an already overcrowded jewelry box.

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