Snowy Day Links


If you’re like everyone else in the northeast, you’re a little down and out that you didn’t get a snow day. It’d be cool if they existed after elementary school amirite? So, while you’re avoiding thinking about your commute home, here are some things to read.

While some things might be going wrong in Sochi, here’s why it’s tacky that everyone is tweeting about it.

The worst couples you’ll see while you’re out at your Valentine’s dinner tomorrow.

Ladies dancing in the red light district for a cause.

Who knew the Wikipedia had a gender gap? Here’s how people are trying to close it.

6 Reasons to Do Whatever You Want.

Here’s an interesting argument for looser drug laws. Marijuana may help stop the spread of HIV.

A brilliant commentary on the letters between stay at home and working moms that have gone viral.

How you shouldn’t act about Valentine’s Day.

Or if you’re looking for love, here’s some data on the words that are most successful in dating profiles.

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