A New Way to Fight FOMO?


We’re all pretty connected these days – to our Instagram feeds, facebook, and twitter. Sometimes that can be draining. While many people turn to logging off, or stop using the sites for a break, an alternative may be to log on, just to a different site. Now there is a new social network in town. It’s called Happier, and its goal is to make you just that. The site is dedicated to keeping a log of good things happening to the people using it. There will be thank you notes, mentions of unexpected kindness, and even some inspiring stories of overcoming difficulties. There won’t be all that other info you’re used to seeing on facebook, like what kind of music you like or books you’ve read. The whole goal is to give you short, easy-to-digest mood boosts. Think of it as status updates geared towards making you happy instead of making you fear you’re missing out on that awesome holiday party. If you’re feeling blue, it might be worth checking out.

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