Links for a Snowy Tuesday


You know you need these tips on how to prevent a hangover during the holiday season.
And if you meet that special someone under the mistletoe at a holiday party, the key to lasting happiness might just be to marry someone who is as drunk as you are (not just someone who doesn’t drink).
If you’re looking for your passion, here are some handy tips.
If you’re into exercising outdoors even in these winter temps, here’s a guide on how to layer properly to stay safe and warm.
I’m obsessed with the new Beyonce album (hail Queen Bey), and this article does a good job of explaining why you should be too.
Women have been known to go to extremes for beauty. Here are some of the most dangerous beauty traditions of yore.
Lena Dunham interviews Mindy Kaling. Because, don’t you just love them both?
Finally a good reason not to take your vitamins.
If stock photographers documented feminism, here’s what they would have to say.
I plan to make these for my NYE party, and call them a snack.
In case the claw marks in your sofa didn’t already tell you, Fluffy doesn’t love you.

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