Like Birchbox for Crafters


I have always loved arts and crafts. As a child, I spent afternoons at my Grandma’s house making little boxes from old greeting cards, and evenings at girl scouts making handmade Christmas decorations. I devoted myself to creating complex sequin patterned sweatshirts for everyone who would wear one. I still regret the day I decided to get rid of my bedazzler. I just like making stuff, especially when it’s pretty sparkly stuff. So, imagine my delight when craft-based organizations for adults started springing up here and there. There is the new Bars and Crafts workshops put on by Aye Kay Art that have little projects you can make while having a beer with your girlfriends. I made my own custom iPhone case last week, and it was a blast. And now, there is a home delivery crafts service for the busy DIY’ers out there like me, who just don’t have the time to sit and peruse craft books to find the projects they want – let alone go buy the materials.

It’s called For the Makers, and it’s like Birchbox for crafters. You can subscribe for $29 a month, and then receive the materials, tutorials, and techniques to make 4 chic DIY projects selected by the collection that interests you. Or you can join with a free account and buy just the projects that interest you. The collections cover a range of styles from those who love the Shiny & Bright to the ocean inspired Seafarer Collection. And it’s not just chintzy stuff. They’ve worked with some of your favorite brands including Kate Spade, Anthropologie and Marc Jacobs to figure out how to find the best materials to make the prettiest things. I love the concepts, and the projects, and it’s just like girl scouts where they do all the legwork for you, and all you have to do is sit down and enjoy the craft. Now will someone gift me a subscription for Christmas please?

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